FDF Class vans for Flour traffic

Conversion of FD class louvred vans to class FDF started in 1982.  The body design was virtually identical to the earlier FDP class poison van conversions.

The conversion of 14335 is not listed on the record cards but the photo above shows that it was converted and reclassified FDF.

Their career was cut short by the creation of "Total West" and the end of wagonload traffic. 


 13527, 13806, 14023, 14335 ex FD


 13527, 14023, 14335 written off


 13806 written off


There were at least six other FD class vans converted to this standard which were never reclassified from FD.

Known numbers of this group are 13416, 13468, 13757, 14156, 14259, 14331.

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