Class I (class M before 1900) long single bolster wagons (GSR class not known)

Unlike the 12'-0" long single bolster wagons built for the G.S.R. these wagons are more of a mystery. I believe that they were ex GSR stock and they are certainly numbered with the GSR wagons but it is possible that they were ex Northern Railway wagons. In either case they were not numbered in the main number series until about 1896-7. They may have been early wagons sold by the W.A.G.R. to contractors that then ended up on the G.S.R. Alternatively they could have been G.S.R. open wagons with the bodies replaced by single bolsters.

The class had been converted to J class tanks or written off by 1903.

The number on this wagon is a bit of a mystery it appears to be I 42?6. It may be 4256. It's definitely in the ex GSR number series.

1897 4241-4265 ex GSR?
1900 4241, 4242, 4249, 4253, 4255, 4258, 4262 reclassified (and presumably by this time converted to) J

4247 does not seem to have been reclassified from M to I and was presumably written off.

1903 4244, 4261 to JETTY 252, 251

Rest of class written off

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