JF, JFS and JFR Class tankers

In 1930 a batch of ten JF class tankers were built for Wiluna Gold mines by Hurst Nelson & Co. They were numbered 201-210 and were followed by two more in 1933 (211/2).

In 1951 202-4/6-8/9, 210/1 were sold to C.O.R. (later B.P.) and renumbered 79-85. In 1983 number 201 was resurrected by Westrail as JFS1287 but was finally written off in 1993

Number 207 was sold to Anglo-Westralian Mining in 1956 and in 1960 this tanker passed to H.C. Sleigh later CALTEX. CALTEX had also acquired 201/5/6, 212 in 1951 but they were written off in 1971.

In 1936 the Lake View and Star Gold Mine bought another six numbered 132-137. In 1973 numbers 132-137 passed to SHELL. In 1987 number 134 was reclassified JFR.

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