M.R.W.A. Class BL vans. Never taken into W.A.G.R. stock

Since the M.R.W.A. opened, the only vans it had owned were the fourteen B class 6 ton vans.  

In 1914 two new BL class vans (272 and 273) were built using parts of written off F class four-wheeled brake vans. Unlike the earlier vans they had louvres in the top half of the sides. They were also 16'-0" long unlike the 14'-0" B class. A further pair (184 and 191) were built in 1915 using parts of the B class vans with the same numbers. No more were ever built and in 1932 this class of four vans became BL841-844.

Photo of BL272 taken sometime between 1914 and 1921 by H.F.L.Wehsack. Courtesy Scott Gould.

The appearance of these vans in later years was very different and it may have been that they were rebuilt around 1934. They had far fewer louvres in this condition and much stronger lower sides. This was a lesson that W.A.G.R. was to relearn with the FD class many years later.

They were written off in 1964 and not taken into W.A.G.R. stock.

Image at right of BL841 taken in 1951 is blown up from RHWA photo P11005 whilst that below is from P21410.

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