M.R.W.A. Class C and CA cattle trucks. Never taken into W.A.G.R. stock

The Lancaster wagon Co built ten cattle trucks for the M.R.W.A. in 1891 numbered 1C-10C. These are believed to have been identical in design to the early cattle trucks built for the G.S.R. and on the same 14'-0" chassis although clear photos of either G.S.R. or M.R.W.A. wagons have so far eluded me. The photo at right is the best that I have come across so far although it's not of great quality and the top of the wagon is covered by a tarpaulin. This clearly has a 3 digit number (possibly 207?).

The diagram below is the WAGR outline diagram for the ex GSR wagons.

At some point between 1902 and 1911 these became CA206-215. This involved rebuilding as the CA had a body very similar to the standard W.A.G.R. B class (but shorter). However the photographic evidence shows that the renumbering clearly came before the rebuilding.

Photo of CA215 taken sometime between 1914 and 1921 by H.F.L.Wehsack. Courtesy Scott Gould.

In 1912 CA300, 301 and 307-311 were built. By 1927 CA 307 had been renumbered 288 but in 1932 the whole class was renumbered 701-717. An additional wagon (718) was built using the chassis of a redundant HM class horsebox in 1935.

In 1956 CA708 was rebuilt on a DXA frame and whilst it was never taken into W.A.G.R. stock it was labelled "Robb's Jetty or Victoria Quay and North Wharf only" from 1964. It lasted until 1972.

Meanwhile 701-7, 709, 710, 711, 714 and 717 were written off in 1960 when they were replaced by new CB class wagons. CA713, 715, 716 and 718 were stowed in 1961 and in 1964 they became Jetty wagons 237, 227, 236 and 239 respectively.

The body of 712 was rebuilt in 1961 and this wagon lasted until 1964 when it was written off.

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