M.R.W.A. Class E timber trucks and Garbage wagons. Never taken into W.A.G.R. stock.

Ten timber trucks 1E-10E were built by the Lancaster Wagon Co for the M.R.W.A. in 1891. They were 12'-0" long and fitted with a single bolster. In the same year three wrought iron water tanks were bought and fitted to 7E, 9E and 10E. These three wagons then became part of class G before 1902.

Five others were also either scrapped or converted before 1911 leaving just two survivors to be renumbered 239 and 240. It is likely that these other five also ended up in class G.

The diagram below is the WAGR diagram for their ex GSR single bolsters, believed to be identical to the original MRWA type shown in the photo at left of MRWA bolsters E239 and E312 (RHWA collection).

Two new wagons (this time 14'-0" long) were built in 1913 numbered 312 and 313. This pair also has a 2'-0" high end at one end of the wagon only.

All four wagons are noted as having been "rebuilt" in 1924 but what this involved is unclear. In 1932 E239 and E240 became E327 and E328 whilst E312 and 313 became E326 and 329.

By the 1950's E327 and E328 had been fitted with sides and ends and were being used as Garbage wagons. They were written off in 1956 (E328) and 1957 (E327) although E328 was nominally rebuilt as I350.

A new E327 was built using a DXA frame in about 1957. This wagon was written off in 1964 as were E326 and E329.

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