M.R.W.A. Class G and GR class tank wagons.

When the original M.R.W.A. rolling stock was ordered no water tank wagons were included. Conditions in Western Australia very soon meant that some had to be provided and so in 1892 wrought iron tanks were fitted to three E class bolster wagons (7E, 9E and 10E). More tankers were soon needed and by 1902 1G-10G were in service. In 1906 it was noted that wooden tanks formally owned by the contractor were still in service and these were to be replaced.

No picture available but the short GR shown below may be this early type.

By 1911 there were fourteen G class wagons when the whole group was renumbered 241-254. Up to eight of these could have been converted from E class wagons. Some of these may have been converted D class sheep wagons (1D, 7D, 9D and 10D) . Two may have been converted from F class four-wheeled brake vans. Converted Ballast trucks are another possibility. By 1912 another ten G's (including 37, 46, and 57 converted from class A) had been added giving a total of 24. In 1913 A62 also became a G class but was later reconverted.

Two derailed MRWA tanks at Gillingarra in 1928 (RHWA collection)

In 1927 it is known that the tankers running at that time were G37, 46, 57, 74, 76, 241, 242, 245, 246, 248, 250, 253 and GR69, 247, 251, 353. G 244 had been converted to a class I but the fate of 243, 249 and 252 is not known. The low numbered wagons were conversions of A class open wagons as was GR353. All of these wagons were renumbered in 1932.

The wagons with cylindrical tanks became G393-400. The capacities noted were G393 - 1000gal, G396 and 399 - 1050 gal, with the rest being 1150 gallons. Two wagons with 1700 square iron tanks became G390 and 391. G391 was converted to class GR before 1948. Of the remaining wagons G399 (and possibly G390) was written off in 1947 followed by G394 in 1956 and the rest in 1959.

G394 May 1947 D.C. Tyler (RHWA collection)

GR381-388 were wagons fitted with 2000 gallon rectangular tanks. GR389 was later added.

A new GR395 appeared in 1960 but it is unclear whether this involved any parts from G395.

GR384 was written off in 1955-7 with GR385, 386 and 395 following in 1964 and GR381, 382, 383, 389 and 391 going in 1965.

This history still has a lot of gaps in it. Any more information would be welcome.

The two GRs at right show the different sizes of wagon involved. 387 (above) appears to on a 14' chassis whilst 39? below is on a 12' chassis from a single bolster wagon.

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