M.R.W.A. Class M later W.A.G.R. class HA.

The M.R.W.A. built two wagons in 1927 intended for carrying motor vehicles. They were 17'-0" over headstocks and had drop sides. They were nominally rebuilds of A class open wagons.

The two new wagons were numbered 270 and 271. In 1932 they were renumbered 341 and 342. In 1959 the sides of 342 were extended from two to three planks high but it is not know if 341 was ever altered.

M341 and 342 were reclassified HA by the W.A.G.R. in 1964 and renumbered 40761 and 40762. They were written off in 1966 (40762) and 1967 (40761).

These two vehicles became JETTY stock 331 and 328 respectively. In the JETTY stock list they are noted as having running numbers 40671 and 40672! Jetty 331 is also listed against another wagon at the same time.

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