M.R.W.A. Class NC later W.A.G.R. class QCF

The RHWA collection image below shows QCF40752, ex MRWA NC344 at Robb's Jetty.

The M.R.W.A. does not appear to have owned any bogie bolster wagons until 1956 when two old coach underframes were converted to N class wagons. Further coach conversions followed but this time the frames were shortened to 30'-0" long as class NB. The last two M.R.W.A. bogie flat wagons were similar, but not identical, to the W.A.G.R. QCF class container flats. These two wagons (NC343, 344) were built in 1962 and two years later they were reclassified QCF 40751, 40752. They were written off in 1992. The MRWA outline diagram is shown below.

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