QMF Class Platform wagon.

The redundant coach chassis left after the replacement of many country passenger services by buses formed the basis for a number of flat wagon types of which class QMF was one. In 1968 QMF 16151-16156 were built from redundant ACL class coach chassis. They did not have a long life in service and all were written off by 1979. However 16155 staged a comeback in 1980 and didn't finally go until written off for a second time in 1990.


QMF16156 was used as a trolley a Midland workshops after being written off. Phil Melling captured it on film in December 1979 supporting the remains of X class 1016 Djukin.


Another view of QMF 16156 as a Midland workshops wagon which shows that it managed to get a repaint into Westrail yellow AFTER it was written off.

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