Specially Constructed 40 ton wagon

12,500 Kilowatt Generator being unloaded from the SS Pakipaki at North Fremantle, October 6. 1926

Photo: WAG Railway and Tramway Gazette November 1926

The following text is taken fron the WAGR Railway and Tramway Gazette November 1926:

Wednesday morning, October 6th marked an epoch in the history of the shipping industry at the Port of Fremantle, when at the North Wharf. from the hold of the s.s. Pakipaki, was taken the new generator for the East Perth Power House. While to the onlooker nothing remarkable was visible, the trained eye that looked aloft at the main mast of this vessel observed that very heavy blocks and tackle were straining at something hidden in the depths of a large ship. No fuss or noise was in evidence except the slow grinding of the winch which was slowly but surely bringing to the deck a huge machine of 40 tons. So perfect were all the arrangements that within 20 minutes of the order being given to heave away the huge mass was safely landed on the special truck on the wharf. The conveyance of this 40 tons of iron and copper to the East Perth Power station was carried out by means of a special truck which was constructed at the Midland Junction Work shops from girders and boiler plates, the whole being mounted on bogies taken from a locomotive. The truck referred to above was designed so accurately that the generator fitted exactly, and in consequence no strains not allowed for were set up, which casts great credit on those responsible.

It seems unlikely that this wagon was used again - presumably it was broken up and the bogies were returned to locomotive use shortly after its moment of glory.  As far as I know it was never allocated a number or class.

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