Class VT Track recording car


VT4998 Photo: Rail Heritage WA collection

In theory Track recorder car VT4998 was originally First class Sleeping car 93 built in 1896. It became class AP in January 1901 but didnít last as a sleeping car much longer being downgraded to a 2nd class suburban car and reclassified AF in June 1903. It was written off in August 1950 but converted to a track recorder car fitted with a Hallade recorder in June 1951. It was reclassified and renumbered VT4998 in the wagon stock number series although it was painted in the green and cream carriage livery which a few brake vans also carried. It was renumbered back into carriage stock as ALT 88 in September 1951. In December 1960 it was reclassified as an AL class inspection car. At least that is what the records say but there is also the possibility that it was actually originally identical sister coach AP88 that was in fact converted as this became a workmenís van at about the same time. The WAGR outline diagram is shown below.

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