Class VW bogie workmen's vans (Ex 12 wheel suburban cars)

Former AS class

Three AS class coaches were converted to workmen's vans in 1968. They were AS375, 372 and 374 which became VW5111, 5114 and 5118 respectively.

A fourth AS (376) became VW5125 in 1970 although this may have involved parts of AU326. In suburban service these carriages had eight second class compartments and one similar sized compartment for the guard.

In 1980 VW5125 went to the Bellarine Peninsula Railway. VW5111 and 5114 were written off in 1991 and the last survivor VW5118 lasted until 1996.


The Top right view shows VW5118 (formerly AS374) viewed from what was the guard's compartment end.

Below are two photographs showing both sides of VW5111 (formerly AS375). In the lowest view one of the guard's doors (filled in) and the position of the ducket (now a window) are clearly visible at the LH end.


Former AT class

A total of four AT class suburban coaches became workmen's vans. In suburban service these carriages had nine second class compartments

The first conversion was AT382 which became VW5081 in 1964. AT134 became VW5131 in 1967. In 1968 AT302 became VW5137 whilst in 1971 AT306 became VW5141.

In 1984 VW5141 was written off followed by 5137 in 1992 and 5081 in 1996. It is not known when 5131 was disposed of.


VW 5081 is shown at Bunbury in the mid 1980s in the rather poor top shot. This is included because of the later rebuild which changed VW5081 markedly.

The two later photos show both sides of VW5081 at a relatively late stage in its career. Only the overall shape betrays its origins with the two sides being very different and much rebuilt.

VW5131 (formerly AT134) is the subject of the next shot.

The final two photos show VW5137 (ex AT302). I think they are of opposite sides but they were taken at different times. It is possible to make out where the nine original compartments were.

Former AW class

Many of the AW class carriages were converted to other classes (such as AU and ACW) well before they were life expired as the demand for First class suburban travel declined in the depression years. However one survived to become a VW in 1971. This was AW328 which became VW5143 in 1971.


The two upper photos show VW5143 as running in the 1980s whilst the lower two photos show it towards the end of its life as more extensively rebuilt.



Former ACW class

In 1950 VW2139 -2141 were created from ACW331, 329 and 323 respectively. These had all originally been AW class 12-wheel suburban cars but in the rebuild to class ACW country passenger cars had gained gangways and 4 wheel bogies (from AZ class sleepers). VW2141 was converted to inspection car AL3 in 1979. VW2139 was written off in 1990 and 2140 went in 1991.


VW2144 was converted from ACW327 in 1957. This carriage was eventually written off in 1990.

Above and left VW2139 ex ACW331.

Below are two photos of VW2140 ex ACW329.

Below are two photos of VW2144 ex ACW327.

The WAGR outline diagram for the coaches converted from ACWs is shown below (probably the 1950 conversions).

Former AU class

The AU class suburban cars were the first class coaches with a brake compartment. In 1961 AU324 became VW5074. VW5074 was finally written off in 1996.

In 1967 two further conversion (AU318 and 307) became VW5132 and 5138 respectively. VW5132 was written off in 1981 and 5138 followed in 1982.

In 1970 AU317 became VW5124. This vehicle lasted only until 1974 when it was written off.

Finally in 1971 AU308 became VW5142.



The top three photographs show VW5074, whilst the final one shows VW5138.

Above VW5074, below VW5138.

The table below summarises the vehicles on this page.

Number Old no. TYPE Old classes to VW Written off
5111 375 AS AS 1968 1991
5114 372 AS AS 1968 1991
5118 374 AS AS 1968 1996
5125 376 AS AS 1970 1980
5081 382 AT AT 1964 1996
5131 134 AT AT 1967 1992
5137 302 AT AT 1968 1992
5141 306 AT AT 1971 1984
5074 324 AU AU ex AW 1961 1996
5124 317 AU AU 1970 1974
5132 318 AU AU 1967 1981
5138 307 AU AU 1967 1982
5142 308 AU AU 1971 ?
2139 331 AW ACW (ex AW) 1950 1990
2140 329 AW ACW (ex AW) 1950 1991
2141 323 AW ACW (ex AW) 1950 To AL3 1979
2144 327 AW ACW (ex AW) 1957 1990
5143 328 AW AW 1971 ?

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