Class VW bogie workmen's vans (ex AP sleeping cars)

VW 2142 Photo P. Ipkendanz (RHWA collection)

By the 1950's the old AP class compartment sleeping cars were thoroughly outdated and conversion to other uses began. As sleepers they were presumably thought to be useful as workmen's sleeping vans and five of the class eventually became VWs.

In 1951 AP90 was converted to VW2142 followed by AP88 becoming VW5065 in 1952. AP 89 became VW5066 in 1958. The last conversion was AP151 which became VW5070 in 1961. Meanwhile AP 87 which had spent 9 years as track recording car APT87 became a VW in 1957.

VW2142 was written off in 1973 whilst the rest were nominally written off in 1976. However, as was often the case with VWs this was not the end and in fact VW2145 continued in use as a workmen's van well into the 1980s in spite of the records at Midland Workshops.

The AP class conversions are summarised below.

Number Old no old class to VW Written off
2142 90 AP 1951 1973
2145 87 APT 1957 1976 (but survived)
5065 88 AP 1952 1976
5066 89 AP 1958 1976
5070 151 AP 1961 1976

The WAGR outline diagram is shown below.  This clearly represents VW2142 but if the others were originally close I don't know.

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