Class VY Bullion vans

WAGR official photo of VY4999 (RHWA collection)

The gold rush of the late 1890's produced a massive expansion of the W.A.G.R. to service the demands of a rapidly expanding colony. The gold also needed to be transported and whilst some was carried in ordinary coaches there was also a need for a specialist vehicle.

Bullion van VY4999 was built in 1908 to supplement an earlier 4 wheel van DY5893 built in 1902. The WAGR outline diagram for VY4999 is shown below.

In 1948 the safe was removed and it became a VW class workmen's van.

At some point it swapped its original 5'-6" coach bogies for a pair of 4'-10" bogies which must have come from a Z van.

It was written off in 1991 but happily VY4999 survives in preservation.

In 1948 passenger brake van ZJ260 (originally ZA 9346) was converted into a bullion van to replace VY4999 and renumbered VY5000. In 1968 it too became a workmen's van (VW) but then became inspection coach AL1 in 1972. It was finally written off in 1980. 

VY 5000 (Photo RHWA collection)

The WAGR outline diagram for VY5000 is shown below.

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