W Class bogie Cold Storage vans

Ashbury Carriage and Wagon Co built twelve Cold storage vans which entered service with the W.A.G.R. as class QB in 1897 (4503) and 1898 (4504-4514).   Like the horseboxes they originally seem to have been numbered separately.

In 1906 two (4504, 4509) were reclassified to class Y for use as explosives vans. They returned to class W in 1929 and 1926 respectively.

In 1924 4513 became a VW class workmen's van as did 4505 and 4514 in 1925. Between 1934 and 1936 number 4503 also served as a workmen's van.

Numbers 4506, 4508, 4510, 4511 were fitted for rabbit traffic in 1929. Whilst 4506, 4508 were fitted for Yeast traffic in 1945.

Numbers 4507, 4509 and 4512 became VC class accident vans in 1938 whilst 4504 was fitted up as a workshop but never reclassified in the same year. Number 4513 returned to class W in 1947 and 4509 followed in 1948.

The new WA class freezer vans finally meant the end for the W's. 

W4503, 4509 & 4513 became JETTY 5, 277 & 7 respectively in 1960.

4504, 4508 and 4510 became JETTY 68, 53 and 66 in 1961. 4506 was written off in 1961 and became JETTY 55 in 1964. 

JETTY 66 (at least) was stencilled "To work between Robb's Jetty and N Fremantle" 20mph

The last to be written off was 4511, which managed to hang on until 1970 although some of the Jetty wagons were still in use after this date at Albany.


Other Cold Storage vans

The W.A.G.R.'s other cold storage trucks were classes E, EA, and EB, and the bogie vehicles in classes WA, WAM, WAR , WBR, WO, WVD, VDB and VDR.


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