WA, WAR and WAM Class bogie Cold Storage vans

The WA class cold storage vans were the first new bogie cold storage wagons to be built for the W.A.G.R. since the W class of 1897. The were similar in design to the smaller EB class four-wheelers and entered service from 1958. A total of twenty-four were built as follows: 

1958 WA23451-23458 built
1960 WA23459-23467 built
1961 WA23468 built 
1963 WA23469-23474 built

In 1963 two WA class wagons (23452, 23470) were modified to use mechanical refrigeration and reclassified WAR. The body was shortened in this process and the equipment mounted on a platform at one end. Four more new wagons of this type (23401-4) were built in 1965.

Three of the WAR class wagons became VT class filter vans (23401, 23452 in 1978 and 23403 in 1980). The rest were written off in 1986. WAR23470 was written back as class SC in 1988.

 Another modification programme resulted in class WAM when 23461, 23464 were modified in 1971 followed by 23460, 23462, 23463, 23465 in 1972. The first of the WA class to be written off was 23458 in 1979, however in 1980 this became a QG class flat wagon numbered 23405. In 1982 23473 became a VT class filter van but the rest of the WA class wagons were converted to class QG as follows:

1982 - 23451, 23455, 23457, 23467, 23468

1983 - 23453, 23454, 23469, 23471, 23472, 23474

1984 - 23456, 23459, 23466

WAM 23465 became a VT class filter van in 1986 whilst 23461 was written off in 1987. The chassis from 23461 later became a QV class wheel wagon.

23462 formed the basis for the QRJ class tanker in 1987 whilst 23464 was reclassified SB in 1987.  The two remaining vans were written off in 1988 (23460) and 1990 (23463).


Freezer vans on exhibition in Geraldton.

Other Cold Storage vans

The W.A.G.R.'s other cold storage trucks were classes E, EA , and EB, and the bogie vehicles in classes W, WBR, WO, WVD, VDB and VDR.

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