WBE class Brake vans

The WBE class brake vans were conversions of the unsuccessful WVB class 4 wheel vans. They were numbered WBE 891-896. WBE 896 was transferred to Lefroy Salt in 1975 but returned to WAGR stock in January 1984 (although there is a note on the record card "effective 23.8.82") as well as the January 1984 date!

Number Converted From Date Written off
891 WVB30655 September 1974 May 1985
892 WVB30651 September 1974 May 1985
893 WVB30654 October 1974 May 1985
894 WVB30652 November 1974 May 1985
895 WVB30653 November 1974 May 1985
896 WVB30656 December 1974 October 1987

Three of these vans enjoyed a second life.

WBE 891 became shumnters float WSY891.  No further details.

WBE 892 was written back in July 1987 as stores van WBES 892.   WBES892 was written off again in May 1991

WBE 895 was written back as filter van WBEF 895 in May 1987.   WBEF895 was finally written off in March 1996


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