ZJA class Bogie Brake vans

In June 1960 the final W.A.G.R. passenger brake vans were produced. They were a slightly modernised version of the ZJ class last built in 1919. They ran on AQZ type bogies.

All of these vans were turned out in plain larch green but were later repainted green and cream. They were all also painted yellow at some point. ZJA 433 wore the Red and Ivory "Midlander" livery from August 1964 until August 1967.

 After collision damage ZJA431 emerged with new plywood sides painted green and cream with end gangways for use on the "Australind" in December 1982.

Service details of these vans are given below.


 Green and Cream

 Written off


 October 1961?

 July 1985



 October 1991



 July 1985


 May 1964

 July 1985


 May 1964

 November 1985

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