BS Class Cattle trucks.

The rise of the motor car between the wars meant that the demand for the old A class horseboxes declined and so numbers A5105/8/9, 5110/2/4, 5122-4, 5127, 5131/3/4/8, 5142 were converted to BS class cattle wagons.

This conversion programme involved horseboxes of three different types. The oldest vehicles (5105/8/9, 5110/2/4) predated the N.Z.R. type underframe.

The last wagon (5142) was an ex G.S.R. 14'-0" vehicle whilst the rest were all N.Z.R. type.

This wagon was also the first converted (in 1936) with the rest following in 1937.





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The advent of the new BE class cattle wagons meant that the old BS class could be withdrawn and they all went during the 1950's as follows:


5127, 5134 written off


5124 written off


5109, 5123, 5133, 5138 written off


5105, 5112, 5114,5122 written off


5108 written off


5110, 5131, 5142 written off

Other Cattle trucks

The W.A.G.R.'s other cattle trucks were classes B, BD, BE, and the bogie vehicles in Classes T, TA and TAD.

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