Class E (Class Q before 1900) Cold Storage vans

In 1900 all seven of the W.A.G.R.'s 4 wheeled cold storage vans were grouped together as class E. A batch of 15 vans of a new design on the GA 17'-0" steel underframe appeared in 1901. These new vans were still class E as were a batch of 12 vans built for the Wyndham meat works in 1917 but handed over to the W.A.G.R. in 1920.

In 1934 a new design appeared as class EA with a batch of 6 vans on a 16'-0" steel underframe. These vans were originally intended for lamb traffic but were later used for other things such as butter. A second batch of 15 followed in 1939.

The final 4 wheeled cold storage van design (class EB ) did not appear until 1961. This used a slightly modified version of the 18'-0" post-war steel underframe. A total of 30 vans to this design were built up to 1965. By the early 1980's these vans were no longer required for freezer traffic and so 9 vans were reclassified EBE and used for explosives traffic whilst the rest were written off.

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