Class J water tanks (6 Wheeled 1500 gallon wooden tank ex GSR)

This may be the group of tanks which I know least about. They were the only 6 wheeled tanks to run on the WAGR.

Until April 2008 I only knew of their existence from an old WAGR diagram shown below. The diagram indicates that there were 3 in service in 1900 and that all had gone out of service before the wagon record cards began in 1909.

Then the photo at left appeared showing one of them coupled behind a GSR T class 4-4-0 in very early GSR days (before the WAGR takeover). This at least established where they came from. The 1900 renumbering list does show some J class tanks amongst the GSR wagons but these numbers are scattered amongst the other types and there are more than 3 of them. At the moment the WAGR numbers of these 3 tanks remain a mystery and the GSR numbers and classification unknown.

The Government Gazette of November 1905 list a hire charge for "Water Tank, J, 6-wheel" as 5s 0d a day so presumably at least one was still in service in 1905.







The diagram below is the WAGR outline diagram for this group of tanks.

Great Southern water tank (A S May Collection)

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