M.R.W.A. Class BLA later W.A.G.R. class D and DE

The last class of M.R.W.A. vans was class BLA. There were twelve of these vans constructed in 1961-2. They seem to have used a GE type chassis.

They were originally numbered 814 (built 1961) and 815-825 (built 1962). In 1965 they were renumbered in sequence to become D40501-40512.

In 1971 40502 was written off followed by 40504 in 1973. Number 40506 became a class DE in 1973 followed by all of the remaining vans apart from 40503 in 1974. Number 40503 was written off in 1976.

The vans reclassified as DE were all written off together in 1983 but some could still be seen in traffic as late as 1985. The MRWA outline diagram is shown below.

The RHWA collection image below shows D40503.

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