M.R.W.A. Class CB class cattle wagons. Later W.A.G.R. class BD.

The M.R.W.A CA class cattle wagons were ancient and badly in need of replacement by the late 1950's. The new wagons built were a slightly shorter version of the W.A.G.R. BE class. The first (CB719) entered service in 1959 followed by the rest (CB720-730) in 1960.

When the W.A.G.R. took over in 1964 these wagons became class BD (presumably on capacity grounds) despite having steel rather than wooden underframes.

They were renumbered as follows:

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1964 CB723, 725-7, 729, 730 to BD 40645, 40647-9, 40651, 40652
1965 CB719-722, 724 to BD 40641-4, 40646

Number 728 was written off in 1964 without being renumbered. The rest of the wagons in this class were written off in one go in 1972. The MRWA outline diagram is shown below.

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