M.R.W.A. Class LC later W.A.G.R. classes V, VA and VC

In 1927 the M.R.W.A. built its first three bogie vans.

They were numbered LC401-403. They were similar in size to the W.A.G.R. V class but had outside framing and were 9" longer at 30'-9" over headstocks.

Another pair (404/5) was built in 1929. In 1932 they were all renumbered 851-855.

Above: One of the LCs derailed at Murchagee during the second world war (RHWA collection)

In 1957 and 1962 852 and 853 were re-built (although I don't know in which order) with wider higher bodies which were only 30'-0" long. In 1964 number 854 became V40723 but became JETTY 332 in 1967. The two re-bodied vans 852 & 853 became VA40721 & 40762 in 1964. Number 855 became jetty wagon 293 and 851 was written off in 1966. 40722 was written off in 1970 whilst 40721 became an accident van (VC) in 1976. It was finally written off in 1991.

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