QX and QY Class well wagon

Photo ARHS collection

This unique vehicle started life in 1936 when it was built at Midland workshops to transport the stator for East Perth power house and issued to traffic on 29.8.1936. It was not classified but ...numbered 11400 for convenience" as it was not originally owned by W.A.G.R. It was taken into W.A.G.R. stock, re-numbered and classified QX 2300 on 30.6.1937. Originally fitted with 4 RB type bogies, with tare of 34½ tons and load of 50 tons.

Fitted with standard Bradford-Kendall cast steel bogies as in the photo below on 3.12.1955 and tare weight increased to 40 tons and load to 83 tons. Re-classified QY on 25.11.1967.

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