RD and RM Class Wooden bodied bogie open wagons

The standard R class bogie open wagon had one 10'-0" wide drop door at the centre of each side.

In 1910 thirty of these wagons were modified so that the whole side would drop in three sections. These wagons were reclassified RD.

By 1920 a whole new area of business had opened up - transporting motor cars. Some of the RDs were modified for this traffic by being rebuilt to a width of 8'-0". At some point from 1930 the motor car wagons were reclassified RM.

Two of these wagons (RD686 & 1307) worked on the isolated Port Hedland - Marble Bar line from 1937.

Conversion of the class was as follows:

RD1308 in a train on the Midland Line. This photo suggests that 1308 either never was classified RM or reverted to RD. (ARHS collection)


684-688,1304-1309,1310-1313,1315-1328, 4896 converted from R to RD but possibly not reclassified at this time


1308, 1313 altered to carry motor cars 


1323 altered to carry motor cars - reclassified RM


1308-1311, 1322, 1323 All believed rebuilt to 8'-0" width and to have become class RM.  However 1308, 1310 were listed as an RD at write off.  There is some doubt as to whether 1313 was modified to 8'-0" width. 


RD686, 1307 vacuum brake removed and transferred to Port Hedland - Marble Bar line


R2176 reclassified as RD

The photo below (enlarged from an old postcard) shows R2176.  It has full drop sides and four stanchions on the end rather than two so has clearly been converted to RD standard and yet the postcard dates from the 1920s at the latest so clearly the 1939 reclassification of R2176 to RD2176 was at best a catching up exercise.   The record card for class RD has the note, "Apparently reclassified RD some years previously but not recorded as a separate classification until June 1970"!!   This is not unusual for WAGR record keeping but does make life "interesting" for the historian.


Disposal of the class was as follows:


RD1306 to JETTY 863

RD686, 1307 transferred to PWD Port Hedland


RD1312, RM1323 written off


RD1318 written off


RD1304 written off


RM1311, RD1319, RD2176 written off


RD685, RM1309, RD1320 written off


RM1313?, RM1323 written off


RD1321 written off


RD687, RD1305, RD1325, RD4896 written off


RD1327 written off

Written off 1305, 1325 to JETTY 338, 339

RD684, RD1317, RD1328 to JETTY 349, 341, 343 


RM1310, RD1315 written off


RD1316 written off


RD688, RM1308, RD1324, RD1326 written off

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