M later LB class tipper wagons (classes VT and E before 1900)

Before 1900 the W.A.G.R. owned three groups of tipper wagons.

One group (class VT) consisted of 25 side tipping wagons with 10 tons capacity mounted on a four wheeled chassis. It is believed that these wagons were numbered 1038-1062. These appear to have entered stock early in 1895.

The second group (class VT) of side tippers were twelve ton capacity wagons on a six wheeled chassis. There were 48 of these numbered 4386 to 4433 and they probably entered traffic in 1897 as the ironwork for 48 side tipper wagons was delivered to Fremantle in February 1897 by SS Cornwall. Numbers 4398 and 4407 appear to have been the only ones reclassified M. It is known that numbers 4386, 4390, 4391, 4393, 4394, 4396, 4398, 4407, 4421, 4424, 4429 were sold to Barry & McLaughuns before 1906 and some if not all of the others went to the Public Works depatment.

The third group (class E) of 28 wagons were end tippers with a capacity of 4 tons 8 cwt. These may have gone from stock before class M was created.

A group of thirty tipper wagons became W.A.G.R. stock in 1931 when the PWD rolling stock was taken over. These wagons were classified LB. It is likely that they were the survivors of these types and contained both 4 wheeled and six wheeled examples.

They were numbered 756, 758, 4534, 4536-4547, 4549-4554, 4597, 5158, 5808, 5837, 6734, 6771, 6861, 7204, 7252.  

LB6771 and 7204 were written off in 1935 and the rest in 1937. Still they did not all die with some surviving for use at Bunbury for jetty work.   One, at least, of the 6 wheelers was being used at Henderson naval base in 1929.

One of the 4 wheelers in its later days at Bunbury. (Joe Moir Collection)

One of the 6 wheelers at Bunbury (Joe Moir Collection)



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