VE Class Explosives vans

In 1954 three standard V class vans were reclassified VE for use on explosives traffic. It is unclear why a classification in the Y group was not used as that was intended for bogie explosives vans. One of the three was written off and replaced by another V in 1959 but in 1964 all of the remaining vans reverted to class V. It is not known if this reclassification involved any modifications to the vans themselves as I have not been able so far to trace any photos of this group.



No picture available


1860, 3264, 3368 ex V


2232 ex V

3264 written off


1860, 2232, 3368 to V

The classification was re-used in 1971 when two VA class vans were reclassified VE for explosives traffic. They were not used for long in this service and in 1973 were written off although one of them found subsequent use as a workmen's van.


No picture available


10204, 10221 ex VA


10204 to VW

10221 written off


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