VH Class bogie vans

The last class of bogie vans for the W.A.G.R. broke with tradition. They were essentially miniatures of American box cars and followed the practice established for the new W.A.G.R. standard gauge vehicles.

Fifty were built (21701-21750) in 1971 followed by another twenty (21751-21770) in 1974. As far as I know they have always been painted yellow.

 At some point in the mid 1980's VH21740 was completely rebuilt with a new body. This new body reverted to the traditional curved roof but had almost full length doors (presumably for palletised traffic) It never re-entered traffic in this condition and was eventually written off in 1991.

Two vans (21717 and 21728) were written off in 1990 with another seventeen (21701/2/7/8, 21723, 21730/1/3, 21742/3/7/8, 21750/3/5, 21760/6) in 1992, nine (21711/6, 21720/8, 21744, 21752/4/7, 21763) in 1993



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