Z class Platform ended Clerestory Roofed Bogie Brake vans Z22-25

Builders photo of one of these vans in original condition (ARHS collection)

This small group of vans was a development of the type 1 design with a platform at either end. Like the type 1 vans they were 30'-0" long with 4'-10" wheelbase bogies and had a clerestory roof. Originally they were intended as accident vans, had no automatic brake and so got numbers in the wagon series. They were all built by Stableford and Co. By 1900 they were treated as C class passenger brake vans and were only reclassified rather than renumbered. They must have been equipped with full vacuum brakes by that time.  Views in service are rare but an enlargement of a postcard showing Z2069 at Albany at some point between 1928 and 1942 is included below.

First number

Issued to traffic

Reclassified Z

Final number

Date renumbered




August 1898

September 1900


April 1940

To JETTY 146

May 1957


August 1898

October 1900


March 1942

VC5154 May 1976 then ZD23 November 1976


August 1898

October 1900


September 1941

Sold to Commonwealth Railways as their class NYA.

May 1942


August 1898

October 1900


July 1939

Written off

December 1960

At some point Z23 acquired a new body in the style of the type 13 vans. I don't know when this happened but my guess would be in the early thirties. Vans re-bodied later than this had windows in the sliding doors. Later in life Z23 became an accident van again as VC5154 and finally ZD23.

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