ZD class Bogie Brake vans for breakdown train

This class was used for the old brake vans used on the accident train.

ZD 23 began life as accident van 2069 in August 1898. It became a type 2 Z van at around the turn of the century. At some point it lost its clerestory roof and one of the end platforms and in March 1942 became Z23. It May 1976 it became breakdown van VC5154 but was renumbered ZD23 in November 1976 and stayed with the breakdown train.  It was written off in November 1985.

ZD226 was one of a batch of eight type 15b vans built in (September) 1946. It was written off in August 1974 bit was written back in July 1975 and became VC5155 in May 1976. In November 1976 it became ZD226 and was written off in June 1993. Two other members of this group of vans (225, 227) were also reclassified as VC but did not become class ZD. It was written of in June 1993.

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