Z class Platform ended Bogie Brake van Z26

This unique van had a long and convoluted history. It originally started life in 1883 as six wheeled composite carriage number 6. In 1890 it was rebuilt as a vice-regal car and was reclassified as AN6 in 1900. At some point in this process it was converted from 6 wheels to bogies and was extended in length from 32'-0" to 35'-3" over headstocks. It also gained a unique form of Clerestory roof. It was replaced in the Vice-regal role in 1902 by a new carriage and in December 1902 it was rebuilt as Z4993.

It became Z26 in August 1939 and was re-bodied in March 1952 at which time it gained electric lighting. It was finally written off in May 1975.

This van also appears at the back of a train in a picture on page 52 of "A history of W.A.G.R. Steam Locomotives" by Adrian Gunzburg.

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