Class Z Bogie Brake vans Z85, 155-157

Z157 running as a VZ. The Guard's duckets have been removed and the hole filled with plywood. (RHWA collection)

Three new brake vans appeared in 1929 numbered Z11379-11381 and a similar van was rebuilt from one of the type 1 vans (Z5067) in 1933-4. The old van retained its 4'-10" bogies when rebuilt and so differed from the other three. The fate of these vans is as given below:

No. Later No. Date renumbered Fitted with electric light Reclassified VZ Written off
5067 85 March 1940 ? - August 1963
11379 155 December 1939 June 1957 May 1974 January 1980
11380 156 February 1938 January 1956 - February 1968
11381 157 April 1937 February 1956 May 1974 January 1983

The WAGR outline diagram is shown below. It is possible that other older vans were rebuilt to this type of body with Z23 being one candidate.

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