Z class Bogie Brake van Z9

Z9 whilst still wearing passenger Green and Cream

Z9, or at least its underframe, started life as carriage ABA9 in 1884. It was built by the Metropolitan Railway Carriage and Wagon Co in Birmingham, England. It was one of a group of 10 numbered 8-12,14-18. In 1900 it was reclassified AG along with the others in its class. In February 1921 it was rebuilt as buffet car and reclassified AGB (12 and 17 were also similarly converted). It was stored in June 1936 before being converted into a brake van and renumbered AGV9 in July 1938. It was transferred from carriage stock to brake van stock as Z9 in October 1938. It was finally written off in September 1985 and preserved by the Hotham Valley Railway.


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