Class H (class JW before 1900) GSR type low-sided wagons (GSR class L before 1898)

Wagon 15L blown up from State Library of WA BA888/6

In 1898 the W.A.G.R. took over the stock of the Great Southern Railway. Many of the G.S.R. wagons were built on a standard 14'-0" long underframe, as were these low-sided wagons. The same design were also used by theM.R.W.A. as their class I. The original GSR numbers of this group are not known. However, a partial photo in the Battye Library collection (BA888/6) shows one, numbered 15L.

It is believed that the original W.A.G.R. number sequence for these wagons was 4316-4339. However, by 1900 numbers 4336 and 4338 were no longer in service. Numbers 4317, 4318, 4328, and 4339 were rebuilt to class F louvre vans at about the same time 1900/01. Before 1908 numbers 4319, 4331 and 4333 were also out of service as these numbers were re-used for new GC class wagons in that year. The demise of the remaining wagons in this group seems to have been as follows:

1928 4332 replaced by GC
1929 4323 replaced by GC. To JETTY 311
1935 4330, 4335, 4337 written off
1939 4320 written off. To JETTY 48 (possibly in 1938)
1942 4321 written off. 4334 to JETTY 559 but listed as JETTY stock in 1940.
1947 4329 to JETTY 66
1949 4290, 4322 to JETTY 671, 57
1950 4325 written off
1954 4324 written off
1956 4316, 4326 written off
1958 4327 written off

The diagram below is the WAGR outline diagram for this class.

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