JB, JBB and JBS Class Fuel tankers

WAGR official photo of JB61 and 62 as built - ARHS collection 

In 1928 a batch of six 5000 gallon tankers were built by Perry engineering for Vacuum Oil. Initially they were lettered for "PLUME" motor spirit. They were numbered 59-64. Another group of twelve in 1930 became 103 and 121-131. In later years VACUUM oil became MOBIL and the tankers were painted plain black.

In 1971 JB59-64 were written off but in 1972-3 they were taken over by the W.A.G.R., reclassified JBS and given the numbers 9915-9920 in the same order. They were also converted to a single compartment tank at some point. JBS 9917 was written off in 1992 and JBS9915 was written off in 1993.

In 1986 JB131 was modified to class JBB.

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