JG Class water tankers

In 1948 a class of eight water tankers numbered 12151-12158 was built. They used ex RAAF tanks on new chassis. The tanks were rather large in diameter (7'-65/8") and I suspect that they were rather unstable as they did not last long. In 1950 12151/2/8 were written off followed by 12155 in 1954. The remaining wagons became QJG class flat wagons in 1959. The records indicate that new QJG class wagons numbered 12151/2 were turned out in 1962 but I suspect that these were resurrections of the written off JG's.

Both photos courtesy A Gunzburg

The JG tanks seem to have been used as static tanks after the conversion of the JGs. The chassis, after life as QJGs, went on to be a JOBs.

Former JG class tank

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