QJG Class container wagons.

QJG12151 bogie flat wagon with Refrigerated Container 2002

In 1950 JG12151, 12152, 12158 were written off followed by 12155 in 1954. The remaining JG class tank wagons (12153, 12154, 12156, 12157) were converted to QJG class flat wagons in 1959. Three years later in 1962 numbers QJG12151, 12152 were listed as "issued new".  I suspect that these were not new wagons but the reinstated frames of previously written off JG's with the same numbers. In 1979 the whole QJG class was written off only for four of them to reappear again as JOB class tankers in 1983/4.

QJG12151 with cattle container CLC5484

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