MS class sand wagons

The MS class sand were built in the 1960s to enable the transport of dry sand for the use of diesel locomotives. Most of the wagons used the chassis of written off CXA class sheep wagons (with the exception of one wagon built on a KC class underframe). The tanks were made from redundant locomotive boilers and at least two of the wagons had very short tanks (12097 and 11339). The wagons were built as follows:








12097 ex CXA

11329 ex CXA

12090 ex CXA

11339 ex CXA

11102 ex KC

823, 1265, 12060, 12080 ex CXA

12073 ex written of CXA

Number 823 was written off in 1976 (the tank may have been transferred to 12073). In 1986 the whole class was withdrawn and the bodies were used in the construction of JS class bogie wagons which combined the role of the MS and J classes in one wagon.   12097 was the last to go.


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