JS Class diesel locomotive sand and water wagons

The JS code (formerly used for four-wheeled petrol tankers) was redundant by 1986 when a new class of wagons was created to take over the roles of the J class tankers used for locomotive chromate water and the MS class dry sand wagons. The bodies of the four-wheeled wagons were mounted on the frames of redundant SA and SXT class sheep wagons.

The first four conversions were from SA23692, 23695 and 23700 and SXT 23624 in 1987. With the final wagon (SXT23642) converted in 1987. The five wagons were all withdrawn from traffic in 1998.

The wagons were not all identical as can be seen from the photos. It depended upon the configuration of the donor wagons.  JS23642 (below) was a completely different configuration from the others carrying two tanks for Chromate water and no sand at all.


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