P Class six-wheeled Brake vans (Class C before 1900 and GSR class M)

In 1896 the W.A.G.R. inherited four 6-wheeled brake vans from the Great Southern Railway. These vans had started out life  in 1888 as four-wheelers identical to the M.R.W.A. vans.  They were numbered 1M-4M by the GSR.  The rebuild to the longer 6 wheeled form was done at Albany workshops by the GSR but the dates are unknown. 

When taken over by the W.A.G.R. in August 1897 they became C87-C90 and in 1900 they were given new numbers in the wagon series:


Old Number

New wagon stock number

Date renumbered


C 87

P 5089


To Hopetoun 1/10 Written off July 1935.

C 88

P 5090


Workmen's van class DW in 1901. Preserved.

C 89

P 5091


To Hopetoun 1909. Reclassified ZP June 1936. Written off March 1943

C 90

P 5092


Workmen's van class DW in June 1936. Written off April 1959.


Other brake vans

The W.A.G.R.'s other brake vans can be found under Class Z. After 1936 the remaining four-wheeled vans were class ZP. In 1953 two experimental four-wheeled vans were built which were class ZF

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