Class QMB Car body carrying wagon and class QMC vehicle carrying wagon

The QMBs were amongst the largest narrow gauge wagons to run on the W.A.G.R. They were 70'-0" long over headstocks and were intended for relatively light motor vehicle bodies.

The first wagon (20001) was turned out in 1959 followed by fourteen more (20002-15) in 1960 and the final five in 1961 (20016-20).

Numbers 20002 and 20018 were converted to class QMC in 1963 to allow them to carry complete vehicles and the rest were written off in 1971. QMC 20018 was written off in 1970 whilst QMC20002 converted to class QMG in 1971.

There is a QMC in the bottom right hand corner of a photo in the Weston Langford collection complete with Austin 1100.

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