RX and RY Class Wooden bodied bogie open wagons

In 1897 two experimental wagons were built. They were a 35'-0" long bogie open wagon IB2065 and a similar length hopper wagon 2067. In 1900 they became R2065 and X2067. The hopper wagon was not very successful and so in 1904/5 it was rebuilt to match R2065 and became R2067.

Because these wagons had 4 doors they were at some point early in the 20th century reclassified RX along with many other R class wagons. They were, however, the only ones to retain this classification permanently. In 1968 RX2067 was fitted with a well in the middle of the body 15'-6" long by 2'-0" wide and reclassified RY.

RX2065 was written off in 1972 and RY2067 was written off in 1979.






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