Class T (Class OB before 1900)

The W.A.G.R.'s first bogie cattle trucks were a batch of twelve OB class wagons which entered service in 1893 at the same time as a similar batch of class S sheep trucks. A further batches with significant differences appeared in 1896, 1897 and 1898 and a final group in 1906. After 1900 these wagons were all class T. The M.R.W.A. owned similar vehicles in the class C and CM built in 1902.

No more bogie cattle trucks were built until 1954 when ninety new TA class wagons appeared. The last design of bogie cattle truck was the TAD class five of which were rebuilt from TA class wagons by the addition of another pair of doors.

Other cattle trucks
Four-wheeled cattle trucks can be found in Classes B, BD, BE and BS.

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