Class VS Scale adjusters vans

In 1949 brake van ZG18 (formerly coach AG18) was used as the basis for workmen's van VW6790. The following year it was rebuilt to become the first VS class scale adjusters van. Two further vans of this type were created in 1961 (VS5076) and 1962 (V5077).

VS5076 and 6790 were written off in 1980. VS5077 survived until 1991. Two WAGR outline diagrams are shown below. I'm not sure but I think that the lower one may apply to VS6790.

Two other wagons served as scale adjusters vans for shorter periods. VW3381 and VW6800 were used as scale adjusters vans between 1950 and 1962 and classified VS. Number 3381 had been a standard V class van whilst 6800 was a former Y class explosives van.

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