Class AGV, ZAG and ZG Brake vans

The life expired AG class coaches built by Metropolitan RCW Co in the 1880's were converted to AGV class brake vans in 1935. One other coach (AGB9) had originally been a member of this class, but had become an AGB class buffet car, was also converted to an AGV at this time. It had a completely different body and is treated on a separate page. The WAGR outline diagram is shown below.

The whole class was reclassified to ZAG and then finally ZG as shown in the table below. Throughout they retained their original carriage numbers.

No. Converted to AGV Reclassified ZAG Reclassified ZG Fate
8 December 1935 June 1936 May 1940 Worked Bunbury-Roelands section from March 1939. Demolished December 1950. Written off January 1951
10 June 1935 June 1936 May 1940 Written off November 1947
11 - April 1938 May 1940 Written off August 1960
14 June 1935 June 1936 April 1940 To VC1441 November 1947
15 - April 1938 May 1940 "Rebuilt" March 1942 with new frame from Z111. Renumbered as Z15 October 1943
16 December 1935 June 1936 May 1940 Written off November 1947
18 September 1935 June 1936 May 1940 To VW6790 September 1949 (later became VS6790)
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