VW Class bogie workmen's vans (ex suburban compartment stock)

The first family of passenger carriages on the W.A.G.R. had its origins in a group of 7 compartment composite carriages originally built for the M.R.W.A. These were sold to the W.A.G.R. in 1892 and formed the first vehicles in class AC. The similar AD class brake composite started out as a contemporary build for the GSR and both types were soon taken up by the W.A.G.R. An all first (class AE) and an all second (AF) were developed for country use and originally had one compartment with access to a lavatory. All of these carriages were quickly displaced from main country services in the 1890s and then entered a long period in use as suburban passenger carriages. They were never entirely superseded until the coming of the railcars but then became available for conversion for other uses. The table below summaries these carriages. Unfortunately I have only few poor photos one of the carriages in this group

Number Old no TYPE old class to VW Written Off
5062 199 AE AE 1952 1961
5063 173 AF AF 1952 1985
5064 194 AE AE 1952 1977
5073 195 AE AE 1961 1987
5075 135 AF AF 1961 1963
5078 33 AC AF 1961 1976
5079 107 AD AD 1961 1976
5135 168 AF AF 1969 1995
5136 162 AE AE 1969 ?

VW5135 (ex AF168) was the only one of these I managed to photograph. It survived with many of its original features intact until well into the eighties until, at presumably its last major repair, it was completely mutilated.

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