Class VW bogie workmen's vans

The VW class group is one of the most complex and most interesting groups of wagons that were owned by the W.A.G.R. even though (or perhaps because) no vehicles were built new as class VW. Originally VWs were "Workmen's sleeping vans" but later all bogie vans used by the civil engineering departments of the W.A.G.R. were classified VW. Wagons and coaches often entered the VW fleet with relatively little external modification from their configuration in ordinary service use - the biggest difference was in many cases a coat of white paint. However, as time went by each vehicle was progressively modified. In some cases the changes came very late in their career with some vehicles being extensively rebuilt in the late 1980s/early nineties.

The only satisfactory way to deal with this class is to break it down further into sub groups that correspond to the different types of vehicles that the VWs were converted from. I have chosen to break this class up as follows:

Former V class goods vans
Former VA and VB class vans
Former W class vans
Former Y class vans
Former 12 wheel suburban coaches (ex AS, AT, AU, AW, ACW)
Former 8 wheel suburban coaches (ex AC, AD, AE, AF)
Former country lavatory stock (ex AA, AB, ACL, MRWA J)
Former AP class sleeping cars (ex AP, APT)
Former platform ended country coaches (ex AV, AQ, AQC, AR, ARS)
Former later country coaches (ex AYL, AZ)
Former Z class brake vans
Former ZA and ZB class brake vans
Former MRWA class K and KB crew vans
Assorted other vehicles

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