Class VW bogie workmen's vans (formerly AYL and AZ classes)

The AY and AZ class carriages were the first W.A.G.R. types to have modern gangways between the carriages. They all came into service in the late 1920s and are grouped here because of their design similarities such as the 59'-0" length and similar body profile.

Former Class AYL

AYL 28 was one of two lounge cars originally built as AY class suburban carriages in 1927. It was converted to a lounge car in 1938 and reclassified AYL from 1946. After the end of narrow gauge overnight services it was converted to a workmen's van in 1979 and written off in 1991.




Photos at right show both sides of VW28.


Former Class AZ


AZ 433, 437, 438, 440, 443 were converted to workmen's vans in 1984 after periods in store or on hire to preservation groups. AZ433 had originally been Ministerial car AM444.



VW433 is shown right. The final photo showing the later, modified windows.

VW 437 shown right and below had an unusual corrugated roof with longitudinal corrugations.

VW438 is shown right.
VW 440 is shown right

The vehicles described on this page are summarised below.
Number Old no TYPE old class to VW Written Off
28 28 AY AYL 1979 1991
433 433 AZ AZ 1984
437 437 AZ AZ 1984
438 438 AZ AZ 1984
440 440 AZ AZ 1984 1995
443? 443? AZ? AZ? ? 1996

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